Metal Mesh Products Center: A Quick View of What We Offer: Curtains, drapery and metal fabrics for architectural and building designs.

Lanatal supplies architectral mesh curtains in two major series: Indoor metal mesh curtains and curtains for exterior decoration.

Applied as security curtains, shading curtains, dividers, guards, shower curtain, decorative curtain, fireplace curtain and other uses.


Structures / Patterns

Bead curtain

Chain link curtain drapery - flexible chain link metal mesh drapery

Chain fire curtain

Ring curtains

Metal link curtain


Mesh Curtain Materials, Colors, Finishes

Lanatal supplies metalic curtains in following colors:

Ring mesh, bronze
Chained curtain, in gunmetal finish
Metal mesh curtain with bronze finish
Mesh curtains, satin bronze finish
Decorative metal mesh curtain in bronze/brown color
Metal mesh curtain in a stainless steel color
Copper-color flexible chain link metal mesh drapery
Metal mash curtains in rose gold finish
Gold color decorative wire mesh
Chain link curtain drapery - in silver color
Bronze fireplace screen
Gold color metal wire mesh curtain
Copper or brass coloured mesh curtain
Metal bead curtains bronze finish
Brass ring mesh
Stainless steel ring mesh curtains, natural ss shine
Carbon steel mesh rings, hot dipped finish
Black coated steel curtains


Colors Examples:

Decorative Golden Coil Mesh Curtains for Light Diffusion Effect
Gold Color Metal Wire Mesh Curtain


Decorative copper curtains with excellent ventilation property
Copper or brass coloured mesh curtain, spiral coiled fabric


Curtain, Stainless steel ring mesh, natural stainless steel color


Structure Examples:

Mesh Curtains of Chain Link Structure:

Metal chain link security curtains

Fire proof decorative mesh curtain, in vintage bronze color


New Projects


Outdoor Metal Mesh Guarding Curtains
Exterior mesh curtains to protect gardening containers from squirrels, raccoons and rabbits.


Curtains for Exhbitions
¼ Satin Brass 1mm Aluminum & Iron
16 x 1m x 6m
¼ Satin Silver 1mm Aluminum & Iron
4 x 1.4m x 6m
12 x 1m x 6m
3/16 Satin Brass 1mm Aluminum & Iron
3 x 1m wide x 3m height
3/16 Satin Brass 1mm Aluminum & Iron
7m wide x 2.5m height x 2


Internally Decorative Mesh Curtain Drapery for Display Stacks in Bars

Decorative metal mesh curtain with brass gold color

Single side opening curtain for stacks drapery
The stacks are for food & beverage display in restaurant or bars


Shower Curtain for Hotel Decoration Project
Metal mesh shower curtain
Installed on ceiling tracks


Easy Cleaning Mesh Curtain used in Airport Decoration Project
Material: Stainless steel 304
Curtain fabric: Woven SS310 Stainless Steel, 37% open
Colour: Natural stainless steel
Fabric width: 1220 mm
Weight Per Meter: 0.2 Kg/m2
Curtain Fullness: 1 to 2.5


Fire-Proof Security Metal Mesh Curtain Project
Non Flammable Metal Mesh Curtains
Curtain type: Straight curtain
Material: Aluminum
Color: Gold
Finish: Matte
Size: 90x250cm, 180x250cm
Fire rating: Non flammable A1 and A2


Interior Fire Curtain Project
Mesh for fire curtain

Fireplace screen material:
Flexible black steel mesh, aluminum chain linked mesh, brass mesh


Metal Mesh Divider Project
Drapery Security Curtain

Wire mesh drapery
Wire diameter: 2.0 mm
Mesh: 5.5mm
Color: Gun metal


Curtain for Interior Design Project 
Flexible curtain system of dividing the large spaces into different areas

Aluminum metal wire mesh curtain, in silver color
Typical size: 50% fullness

- Material : Aluminum
- Color : Silver
- Wire diameter : 1.5 mm
- Hole Size : 7 mm
Curtain supplied with curtain tracks


Ordering tips:

Curtains are normally defined with following:
Curtain mesh length, width, weight
Mesh structure and size
Decorative colour choices
Shade or fullness ( 30%, 37%, 50%, 100%, etc.)
Specific uses.

Kindly note that, when you order or send inquiry, the more detailed information about the products are given, the more helpful for us to give you a quick and effective response.

More Wire Mesh Products We Offer:

Interior Curtains
Architectural Coil Mesh
Lanata wholesales and exports a variety of chained coil materials, gauge, color, coating/finish, panel thickness, open area to choose from.
Round Hole Panels Punched Against Wind and Dust, Powder Coated Steel
Open Yard Dust Curtains
Also known as Wind breaking net or wall.
SUS316 Mesh Curtains
SS Mesh Curtains and Supports
Mainly used for fixing of interior breakout zone, door ways and multifunctional common spaces.
Mesh Curtains Treated with Silver Polishing
Metal Wire Mesh Curtains
Available in stainless steel and other metal materials.
Blue Shine Metal Mesh Drapery
Metal Mesh Drapery
Chain link type or woven mesh fabric. Various surface treatments and processing styles offer various decorative effects.
Creative Weave Architectural Mesh
Architectural Mesh
Used for various architectural parts, like facade screen, sunshade screen, outdoor wall and ceiling panels.
Decorative Wire Mesh
Decorative Wire Mesh
Made of steel rope and metal rod structure, knitted structure or other weaving types.
Metal Mesh Facade
Metal Mesh Facade
Stainless steel and copper / brass mesh grille for various facade construction. Sizes can be custom made.
Perforated Metal Cladding for Building
Metal Mesh Wall Cladding
Exterior wall decorating panels. Mainly made of perforated metal sheet.
Metal Screen Partition for Decoration
Metal Mesh Partitions
Flexible metal fabric for dividing spaces and interior architectural designs.
Anodized Aluminum Suspension Ceiling Panels
Metal Mesh Ceilings
Perforated metal panels are popularly used for ceilings. Both decorative and sound-absorbing.
Installation Style
Decorative Metal Ring Mesh
Three types of installation styles. Stainless steel ring mesh, also carbon steel and copper/brass materials.
Perforated Metal in the car
Perforated Metal
Perforated metal can be designed with decorative holes. Suitablel for ceiling panels and facade screen manufature.
Expanded Metal For Fencing
Expanded Metal Mesh
Expanded metal can be used for decoration, fencing and other industrial uses.
Metal Mesh Window Curtains
Metal Mesh Window Curtains
Lanatal supplies stainless steel ring mesh window curtains and aluminum alloy wire mesh fabric for window shading.