Architectural Mesh

As China specialized manufacturer and supplier, we export architectural mesh in various materials, styles and treatment for building decoration, both indoor and outdoor. The metal materials includes Stainless Steel such as AISI304, AISI316, AISI316L, Copper coated steel, Galvanized mild steel, Aluminiumized Steel, etc. We supply three types of architectural mesh according to processing: woven architectural mesh fabric, perforated metal screen and expanded metal mesh sheet.

Architectural Mesh or Screen is used by the building industry because its variety of material, structure and styles. This special purpose metal mesh has beautiful metal color, concise style, good function, fashion feeling and decorative elements.

We can provide creative metal mesh fabric for architecure & decorations and these products are used mainly as decorative coverings for the whole buildings, walls, ceiling or floors.

In architecture design, woven wire mesh fabrics, perforated metal mesh and expanded mesh are widely used for decoration as:
Wire mesh facades ;
shade screens ;
Architecure ceilings;
Metal draperies for walls ,partition and isolation screens;
Staircases isolation screen ,elevator cabins screen;
Floor covering fabrics ;
Other special uses.

Architectural Mesh

Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh Fabric for Interior Wall Decorating

Architectural Mesh

Aluminum Chain Link Fabric Offering Decorative Patterns

Woven Fabrics Wire Mesh Fabric Used as Partitions
Metal Screen Used as Spacing Curtains

Application Details of Woven Wire Mesh in Architectural Uses:

Creative Weave Metal Fabric Offering the Following Features:
Aesthetic appeal Unique design and appearance
Versatile Style and functionality
Architecturally inspired Strength
Variety of openings and sizes  


Product Applications
Decorative Accents Security
Ventilation Ceiling Panels
Signage Shelving
Privacy Store Fixtures
Sun Shades Ornamental
Facades Infill Panels
Grilles Partitions Accents

Perforated Metal for Buidlings

Photos Illustrations of Architectural Mesh Screen: Facade, Wall and Structures

Expanded Metal Used in Building Design
Expanded Metal Panel for Architecture Uses