Perforated Curtains

Lanatal exports perforated dust curtain sheets with a variety of designs. Also known as Wind breaking net or wall. Corrugated metal plates with holes arranged in various distribution patterns. Mainly used in coal mines, coking plants, power plants, coal yards; ports, terminals and various stockyards; crops, wind, anti-desertification dust and other harsh environments; railways, highways, and various construction sites.

Well Ventilated Dust Controlling Metal Screen
Perforated Sheeting, round hole, 0.9mm thickness with 0.1 mm of colour coating, total thickness 1 mm, width approx 800-1000 mm.

Shielding Screen against Dust, Wind and Noise
Wind Breaking Net Wall, Powder Coated Galvanized, Punched in Round Holes

Main Benefits of Using Dust Curtains
1) Change the wind direction
2) Slow down wind power
3) Dust suppression
4) Noise control
5) Long term validity
6) Beautiful and high strength

Mesh Materials
Low carbon steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminum
Electrostatic powder coating
Color: Blue, yellow, grey, green, red, etc.
Length: 1-10m
Panel Width: 300 to 910mm
Sheet Thickness: 0.5 to 1.5mm
Processing: Perforated metal
Hole size: 0.8 to 30mm round holes with 12mm popular size
Hole types: round, square, rectangular, diamond, hexagonal, and more.

Wind Breaking Dust Curtain Panels Specifications

Product Name

Blue color beautiful appearance anti dust protection mesh screens/wind dust fence/perforated wind dust controlling wall


Single-peak(monomer),Bimodal (two-body),Three-peak(triplets)

Forming width


Peak height




Sheet thickness


Main Features
1), Anti- UV (aging). The electrostatic powder painting can absorb the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, hence the oxidation rate is reduced. The product has good anti aging performance and improved service life.

2), Flame retardant: The metal plate has good flame retardant, it can satisfy the requirement of fire fighting and safety production.

3), Impact resistant: Metal curtains enjoy high strength, can withstand the pounding of hail (wind). Impact strength tested: with the 1 kg of steel ball, falling free from the height of the wave peak of 1.5 meters. The products have no fracture and breaking through.

4 ) Anti-static: Avoid the surface oxidative decomposition, in addition, easy to rinse with rain, dust free, to have a clean effect, no maintenance costs.

Popular Applications

1. Sandy areas, to reduce sand accumulation; 
2. In environmental protection projects;
3. For open storage of various coal yards, ore, lime and other bulk flow of materials piling up in the face of strong winds.
4. To prevent pollution of the surrounding atmosphere.