Metal Bead Curtains

Lanatal constantly develops new type of decorative curtains/fabrics for room and architectural decoration. Metal bead drapery is one of them. We supply metal beads formed curtains and partitions in various beads shapes, sizes and beautiful colors. Mainly used for decorating and separating of architectural spaces.

Technical Information:
Stainless Steel sus304, 316 and 316L, aluminum and other metals.

Bead Shapes:
Round, spherical, rice shaped beads, pumpkin-shaped, or custom shape.

Colors Available:
Silver white, bronze, red bronze, gold, black and other colors to match the surrounding spaces.

Bead Sizes:
2.4 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.2 mm; 4.0 mm; 4.5 mm; 5.0 mm; 6.0 mm; 6.5 mm; 8.0 mm; 10.0 mm; 12.0 mm. Custom bead sizes accepted.

Curtain Sizes:
Custom length and width.

Surface Treatment:
Galvanized and various plating.

Applications: Metal bead curtains are used for separating and decorating of various architectural spaces and functions, also used for covering of lamps and other furniture.

Bead Types Illustration:

Metal Bead with Diameter of 6mm
Decorative Gold Beads for Making of Curtains

Black Metal Beads at Diameter of 8mm
Black Color Round Beads


Bead Curtains

Curtain type:

Metal Bead Drapery

Partition type:

Decorative Partitions Made of Strings of Beads


Material: Aluminum curtains with gold color, 316L gold color
Bead size 2.4mm, bead distance 10mm.

Gold color metal bead curtains for space dividing